Creating Value to the Filipino People through OPPI’s CSR Initiatives

Long before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) became a buzzword in the industry, OPPI was already extending assistance to different communities in need, the earliest of which can be traced to a donation of deep well and carabaos to Ameca Foundation, Inc. for the benefit of the Aetas residing in the slopes of Mount Pinatubo more than a decade ago. Being a firm advocate of the value of education in youth transformation, OPPI also paved the way for 10 freshmen from the marginalized sector of the society to finish high school through the World Vision Child Sponsorship program.

In 2007, the CSR team was formally created with the moniker Otsuka CARES (Community Action RESpondents). This provided the company with a formal structure where it can fulfill its commitment to improve the Filipinos’ quality of life by contributing to various communities and the society at large. Employees from different departments were encouraged to do volunteer work and take lead roles in the projects that were undertaken.
Throughout the years, OPPI has been actively engaged in diverse activities that provide meaningful and sustainable change in the lives of those it touched.

In the twenty years of its existence, OPPI has been unwavering in its commitment to uplift the Filipinos’ quality of life, not just in the medicines that it develops to treat various diseases, but also in being a responsible corporate entity.

To OPPI, being socially responsible means striving to incorporate its values and ethics into everything that it does – from how the company runs its business and treats its employees, to how it cares for the society within which it operates.